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COVID-19 Questions

Q: Do you think it is useful to wear a mask to prevent myself from getting COVID-19?

A: First of all, it depends on where you are in the world - always obey public health directives issued by your local government. And if you wish to know my own opinion, here you go...

For regular surgical masks, under no circumstances they can protect the person wearing it from getting COVID-19. However, if you are sick, they can effectively reduce the possibility of spreading the virus to the people surrounding you.

For respirators (such as N95 masks), they can effectively protect you from getting COVID-19, as long as you know how to use them correctly (including changing them frequently). If they are used inappropriately, wearing them can even increase your risk of infection. It is also important to remember that COVID-19 can transmit through eyes exposing to the virus-contaminated air. If you choose to wear a respirator, you must wear a pair of protective goggles as well, or it would be meaningless to wear a respirator alone. Again, this depends on where you are. Canada is generally safe so I don't see there is a need for this level of protection.

No matter you choose to wear a respirator + goggles or not, remember hand washing and social distancing are way more effective.