About Lee

People say "Lee is a top Dalhousie accounting graduate and a Chartered Professional Accountant, so he must be an accountant." WRONG! It is true that Lee makes a living by working as an accountant, but this only accounts for 10% of Lee's life! So... what is the remaining 90%? Glad you ask, let's get started.

Lee's Background

Lee was raised in Shanghai, and moved to Halifax in 2012 to pursue his post-secondary studies. Due to his background, Lee masters 3 languages (WUU, CMN, ENG) and is able to switch one to another seamlessly. Lee is learning French and hopefully this can become his 4th language! Oui, c'est le français!

Lee is proudly a Chartered Professional Accountant and a member of Golden Key International Honour Society. Golden Key membership is by invitation only and applies to the top 15% of college and university students in all fields of study.

Lee's Vision, Focuses and Beliefs

Being a person who knows almost everything is Lee's vision. Lee developed this vision when he was very young and is making progress towards it every day. But we have to say, Lee is still way too far away from this vision!

While his vision seems to be unachievable, Lee does have a few focuses that are more realistic. At the current stage, Lee is focusing on developing his competencies in accounting, computer science, earth science and law. It's pretty safe to say Lee has already become an expert in these 4 areas!

Lee believes that basic accounting services (such as personal tax filing), basic computer science services (such as personal website development), and basic legal services (such as immigration consulting) should be available for free, and earning profit by providing such services is unethical. Therefore, Lee created SmartLee NFP as Lee's non-for-profit initiative. SmartLee NFP is offering these workshops / services and much more for free!

About Lee Online

Lee built the initial version of Lee Online back in 2006, with the purpose of learning web development. Yes, when he was still in the junior high school! Since then, the purpose of Lee Online has changed several times, as well as the interface and the underlying technologies. Today, the main purpose of Lee Online is to serve SmartLee NFP (Lee's non-for-profit initiative) as well as enhancing Lee's personal branding. Lee Online utilises advanced technologies, such as hardware-based MFA, DDoS mitigation, SSL, DNSSEC, CDN, responsive design and more. Lee Online is a registered website at Public Interest Registry and is compliant with ICANN regulations.

Lee Chen is Accredited by

ISO 639-3:2007.WUU

Standard Wu Chinese (Shanghainese) Speaker

Chartered Professional Accountants

Golden Key International Honour Society

Certified AED / CPR Provider